Elevate Your Swag Promo

        (this is 1/4th of our list)               
    If you have a brand you would like to grow and sell merchandise on your website we can help!!! 
    You can Sell all products from this list with your brand/logo with no minimums, no inventory or upfront costs on your own site/blog we can set it all up for you.
    Choose from over 100 different products and 1000s of colors.
    Orders shipped directly to customer's and emailed with shipping tracking number(s).

    Don't worry about the logistics of any products you choose. Elevate Swag specializes in printing/shipping of custom products for artist, models, influencers, small and large companies. With Elevate Swag you can choose from 100+ products, carry no inventory, and never have to pay for orders that your customers order. There are no minimum order requirements. Orders get shipped to your customers and we email them the shipping tracking number for each item(s).

    We offer over 100 different garments with brands that include: American Apparel, Next Level, Canvas, Bella, Gildan, Rabbit Skins, Alternative Apparel and many more. We also have special ORGANIC garments such as: HEMP, and Bamboo.



        Access to items of your choosing:

        All color(s), style(s), size(s)

        We print: design(s), logo(s), image(s), etc...

        We Customize each design for each item 

        Can supply any size orders on demand so you never have to worry about inventory.


            Your own embedded codes for a fully functional cart for your website(s), and/or blog(s),

            You will have a fully functional page where your customer(s) can select any item(s)

            The customer chooses color(s), style(s), and size

            Your own secure cart where your customer(s) can purchase the item(s)

            We accept payments from all major credit/debt cards

            We print and deliver to your customer(s) hassle free saving you time and energy

            We email customer(s) with the confirmation of purchase

            We email customer(s) with the tracking number for each item(s)

            Customer can fully track the item(s)


          Elevate Swag wants to support your brand!!

          What Is “SWAG-In”?

          A “SWAG-in” is an item you can include with your shipments as a bonus! A SWAG-in is an inexpensive, fun, promotional item like a flyer, a sticker, a patch, or a button.

          Offering or including a “SWAG-in” with your orders is a great way to promote your brand and establish a positive identity with your customer(s). Unexpected surprises can be quite an impact. Use a SWAG-in to get the word out about your brand. Including an item that people will want to show off or share is a great way to spread the word about your brand. Stickers can be a cheap and easy way to accomplish this as well as:

          SWAG-In Ideas

          • Stickers
          • Buttons
          • Cap Pins
          • Coupons
          • Flyers
          • Patches
          • Bracelets
          • Hand Signed Thank You Cards
          • Treats
          • Magnets
          • Holiday Themed Trinkets
          • etc....

          After you decide what kind of SWAG-in you would like to include with your shipments, just contact us and let us know you are interested in SWAG-ins. We will enable this feature on your account. We may create the SWAG-in items in house or you may provide the items. We are happy to add the items you choose to your shipments. Once the service is enabled you will be sent and email with further instructions for your SWAG-in items. We will hand place each item into your customers shipped orders

           We offer ELEVATED customer service and will do whatever we can to help your brand thrive. We have a graphics department dedicated to resizing, editing, customizing and color correcting all items ensuring the highest quality. We stand behind the quality of our products and print technology.  

            We have a huge inventory and it's consistently growing. For further information and full inventory listings please contact us at: sales@elevateswag.com 

          We will love to help ELEVATE your brand.